1. Baldrs Drømmer Baldrs Draumar 2:31
  2. Eden Av Guder, Mennesker Og Trær Baldrs Draumar 4:43
  3. Hels Krav Baldrs Draumar 3:50
  4. Hod Og Mistelteinen Baldrs Draumar 3:39
  5. Kremasjons Ild Baldrs Draumar 5:39
  6. Med Sleipner Rir Er Baldrs Draumar 5:07
  7. Og Dere Skal Sørge Baldrs Draumar 6:28
  8. Slangen Forgifter Den Utkledde Baldrs Draumar 4:42
  9. Til Sine Dagers Ende Baldrs Draumar 10:42
  10. Ved Valhallas Bål Baldrs Draumar 3:21
  11. Vegtamskviða Baldrs Draumar 1:12

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Forfedress Fortellinger

Release Date : 6 september 2011
Artist : Baldrs Draumar
Catalog ref. : 79542
Format : CD

The first full length album tells the tale of the god Baldr, released in 2011. His saga is being told in the first conceptalbum of which many would follow. Exploring our sound and language capacities, we made the lyrics in english, songtitles in old norse because why not. Here we bonded musically and lyrically, shaping in what would later become our own sound.