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“We do not make viking metal, deathmetal, black metal or whatever metal you know. We make Furious Frisian Folkmetal!” A statement with which Baldrs Draumar wants to emphasize that their songs are genuinely Frisian in both composition and lyrical theme and therefore totally different from everything you’ve heard so far.
Since 2009 a lot happened and the band evolved in what it is nowadays, a strong group of friends that wants to spread their Furious Frisian Folk over the international stages. 2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of Baldrs Draumar and they celebrate this by releasing MAGNUS. The band’s fourth full length album revives a long lost Frisian hero and contains nine brutal metalsongs. The swords are drawn, the spears sharpened and the Baldrs army marches. Expect them. Leaver dea as slaef!


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